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I consciously attempt to live my life following the 4 principles above. It has taken me over 10 years to find & align myself with a navigational life system that resonates with my truth. I recently blended the 4 principles into to my heart-centered business, they have become my mission and guiding light when working with clients.

We are entering new and exciting times, I believe that as a collective we now have the opportunity to create a new world. A world that looks and feels a lot better than the one we live in today. 

A world that is sustainable and kind to MOTHER EARTH 

A world that shares it’s resources with EVERYONE fairly

A world that treats people as EQUALS

A world that is ABUNDANT

A world that contains PEACE & HARMONY

Because of this I continuously search for new ideas and
communities of people who share the same vision of a better
world. Recently I was excited to be introduced to the work of
Jacque Fresco at: The Venus Project

He is a pioneer in his field, his vision and model is something
that makes me feel very excited and hopeful for the future.
Why not watch his full version documentary: The choice is

Another pioneer is Frederic laloux “reinventing organizations”,
you can read his book or watch his documentary.
This is a short introduction:

The Full version:
It is quite a long video but well worth it, he has done a lot of
research into what it will take/look like to build a new paradigm.
This video definitely had my attention and captivated
me the whole way through.