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Full Aura

“MOT Cleanse”

I realised recently that most people actually take better care of their cars than themselves.  It’s true!

We make sure it’s taxed properly, we insure it, clean it, and stop every few days to put fuel in it and give it regularly MOT’s and services to make sure its safe for us and others to travel in.

I realised that we don’t do the same for our  physical “earthly” vehicle’s.

We don’t keep our “vehicle’s” topped up and healthy.

We unconsciously spend more time a week/month maintaining our cars than we do for ourselves.

This realisation shocked me.

But don’t worry today is always a good day to start a new habit.

We can all start taking more responsibility of our mind,body & spirit by having a regular MOT Aura Cleanse.

I use the powerful chart: Clearing The 7 Subtle Bodies taken from my extensive training in Divine Healing:Master Key To Ascension

Here’s a quick list of some of the transformations that you will gain from this session:

Balance Emotions

Expand light frequencies

Clear blocks in the heart

Clear soul records

Open heart to intimacy and desire

Freedom from overwhelm

Free blocked intuition

Enhance self acceptance

Expand creativity

Clear negative thought forms

Repair leaks & holes to Aura

Realign to Soul Purpose

Clear past life programmes

Balance blocks to giving and receiving

There is a so much more included, way too much to list here but this gives you an overview of the MAGNITUDE of this healing.

How good will you feel at the end of the session knowing that you have totally cleansed, healed & rebalanced your emotional, mental, physical & spiritual bodies?

All heavy dense energies will be released, allowing

 your life force to return to full health and vitality.


You will feel like you have had an energetic multi-dimensional workout without even having to set foot inside a gym.

This specific spiritual tool is very gentle yet powerful.

Your healing team facilities the session with your higher self.

You will receive the right amount of healing that is correct for you at this time, no more no less.

Regular session will most definitely speed up your personal growth and ascension process. Because you are embodying more light and activating new cells & DNA.

As you are letting go of old patterns, beliefs, and other people’s negative energies around you your life will start to transform, and new opportunities will show up.

You will become more aligned with your true self