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Here are some questions that you may have about Divine Healing Master Key

We will have a brief chat to see what is going on for you in your life right now. This can often set the intention for the session (although this doesn’t necessarily mean that the session will follow this lead). Then you lie down so that you are comfortable (if not sitting is fine) whilst the healing takes place. In some parts of the session I may ask you to explore what your higher self is showing up for you, and to see how & where this relates to in your life.

A full DHMK session is 60-90 minutes, the tailored shorter ones are 30 minutes. The MOT Aura Cleans is 45 Minutes.

Some people do and others don’t. It’s an individual thing, you may feel some subtle changes in your energy around the body, other’s see colours, images, or just feel lighter. And others don’t feel anything which is ok too.

No, there’s no physical contact between us at all. Reiki uses symbols, where as DHMK doesn’t. I use a series of charts to navigate our way through the session. Your higher self & your unique healing team, merges with mine and I act as a channel to facilitate the session. The charts identify what needs healing, balancing, releasing and integrating.

The only requirement is that you limit any possible interruptions to our session as much as possible. Mobile phones must be turned off. If we are having a session via ZOOM please arrange a comfortable place beforehand so that you’re able to lay down, whilst placing your webcam in a position that I can see you clearly.
Also it’s helpful to be warm, so a blanket nearby maybe a good idea. Many of my ZOOM clients do the session in their bedroom or sitting room.

Yes, the healing is non local so this means that it’s not restricted by time & space. We are working multi-dimensionally within the matrix. It does not matter where you live in the world the healing still takes place regardless.
If the session is not face to face it can be easily arranged by using ZOOM. (you can easily register for a free ZOOM account)

No, it can continue for a few weeks afterwards. It generally takes 3-4 weeks to fully integrate what’s taken place during the session, as Divine Healing Master Key is a powerful tool. Some people report changes within only a few hours. Again it varies from person to person, and where you are right now in your own soul’s journey. After your session you may find that things “show” up for you, that were somehow related to the charts/session.
*You will only release and heal what your higher self feels that you are now ready to heal and move away from.

Again because of the integration between sessions I recommend having your next session 3-4 weeks after. This allows the changes to take place gently.
If you are currently going through a recent trauma, a very challenging time or a serious illness then it’s possible to have a session every 1-2 days.

Yes, although because we are working with your higher self on a soul level, your soul knows exactly what needs attention first. The healing, clearing and unblocking will be automatically chosen by your higher self. The particular charts that are used may or may not make sense to you – as your conscious, rational mind likes to make sense of everything. This tool is multi-dimensional, and heals on ALL levels. So it’s vast!
You will only be able to let go of and heal from the things that your higher self allows. Some lessons may still need to remain in order for you to work through for your own spiritual growth and evolution.

That is an individual choice. For example some illnesses (dis-ease in the body) may have been lingering in the emotional, mental, and etheric field for a very long time, if this has not been addressed it then manifests itself in the physical body. So this may take some time to shift, as it makes sense that if a dis-ease has been building for 10 years, then it may take some work to remove it. You can do this by having frequent healing sessions and most importantly also by addressing what caused the dis-ease initially.
Most dis-ease is created by an imbalance in the emotional body. Other types of clearing: shock, trauma, judgements, beliefs, minor body imbalances etc may not take as long to heal.

Divine Healing Master Keys peels away layer after layer of “stuff”. This energy has accumulated over time, in this life time and many others.

Yes, 100% absolutely, I operate my business to professional high standards.

Yes. Parents can be around for the session, particularly for young children. For older children & teens, they must agree themselves to want the session. It has to be their own free will.

Yes, that is not a problem. We are working with your higher self, and all of the charts will be specific to only you. The foetus, soul of the unborn child will be completely unaffected.

No I cannot claim that I can cure anyone. I am just a channel for this work. I am a facilitator in this process. I connect with your higher self, the universal spirit and healing teams. The Co-creator of All That Is, God, Spirit or how-ever you prefer to address it does all of the necessary work.
We all don’t know how long we have on earth, but we CAN take responsibility today – right now for our own health and well-being, by taking the necessary steps to rebalance, and regain our health, emotions and full life force.

” My son Matthew (aged 14) recently had a session with Astara, I was blown away by one of the past life programmes; Tuberculosis. Just one month ago Matthew saw a Homeopath, she mentioned that he needed to clear Tuberculosis from his body system first, in order for the remedy to work. The second dose of Tuberculosis remedy was due a day after he saw Astara. It is amazing that the Divine Healing Master Keys session cleared that. Synchronistically working alongside his homepath treatment. This really does clear on all levels! “

Tania S Barker, Southampton