I believe your life has a Purpose.

You were born to sparkle and shine your light out to the world!

Image how amazing your life would be if you were to have the answer
to the 2 most important and frequently asked questions
on earth right now…

Who am i?


What is my life’s purpose?

I think what most people are really wanting to know is…

Who am i here to be?

What am i here to do?

(and if we’re all here to learn & grow in this lifetime then),

Who am i here to become?

Can you answer YES to any of the following:

Do you feel lost, have no direction and don’t know what to

do with your life?

Are you stuck in a rut, bored and fed up?

 Are you are going though a break up/health challenge/

job change right now?

 Do you have this deep “inner feeling or knowing” that you

are not living your best life?

Do you no longer find your work meaningful & fulfilling?

Do you yearn for something more but you just

don’t know what that something is?

…or perhaps you do know what your life’s work is, but you’re not sure how to create success when it comes to:

Your Relationships?

 Your Family & Children?

 Your Money & Abundance?

 Your Health & Wellbeing?

Don’t worry you’re not alone, unfortunately most people in the world today are out of alignment, there aren’t living out the truth of who they really are.

They are not on path to become the person that they came here to be.

And this is where i come in…

Hi, I’m Astara… it’s lovely to meet you

I’ve spent the last 12 years trying to get to the truth of who I am, and specifically find out what I’m really here to do. Believe me at times it’s been a very long, frustrating and often painful journey.

A journey that has cost me a lot in time, energy, and money.

I don’t want that for you.

I want the process to be a lot easier, quicker and simpler for you.


Because i totally get how you feel,

 I really do!

And now that Iv’e walked that particular path, I want to share my knowledge and experiences with you.

I am very blessed to have found not one, but two equally powerful systems that can help you to fully understand yourself (and others).

The first is the Human Design System,

The second system is called Soul Contract.

They are both extremely powerful self-discovery tools, created from a synergy of scientific and ancient esoteric wisdom.

They act like a blueprint for your life, telling you the whole story of who you are, and who you are here to be.

“I believe when we truly know ourselves,

we can then become ourselves”

Before I came across the Human Design & Soul Contract systems I had very little idea who I was, or what I was here to do. But deep within me i just knew that I was here to create an impact….but didn’t know how or who for.

Not knowing who we are can make our lives quite challenging.

When following your design Success will easily

 flow towards you, Because life isn’t meant to be

such a struggle

Studying my own design and the specific energies that I have has deepened my own levels of self awareness.

Here’s what Iv’e since learned about myself:

The 2 archetypal personality energies I am playing out in this lifetime

The correct process I need to follow to make decisions

(that will bring me more success in life)

My core life purpose and life’s direction

What I need (and don’t need) in my life

The areas that i need to work on and pay attention to

The specific talents & gifts that I came in with

How to recognise when I’m out of alignment

Which particular fears I have that i need to be aware of

The specific programming & beliefs I have about myself/life

The 2 life themes (story) that I’m playing out, 0-40 yrs & 40 yrs +

What/how I’m here to communicate with the world

The energy system I have

The best environment – the one thats correct and healthy for me

How my brain “works” how I process things

…and more.

Are you ready to hear your own life’s story?

Your story about:

Who you’re here to be

What you’re here to do

(but most importantly)

Who you’re here to become