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Hi I’m Astara

In Human Design language I’m what’s known as a 4/6 Manifesting Generator, I’m here to be a networker, opportunist and a role-model.

Part of my own mission and purpose in life is to learn a specific system then duplicate it and share it with others.

I also have desire & enthusiasm in my design, so I love to inspire and empower others by sharing what Iv’e learned.

I also have leadership energies. One aspect of my design is that I am here to nurture others and preserve life by impacting future generations by creating a new trend, and influencing others.

Here is how I plan to make that happen:

My mission is to popularise Soul Plan Readings, bringing these ancient & scientific powerful tools into the 21st Century. Where they are fully accepted and used by women as a go-to resource for self awareness & transformation.

I feel passionate about Inspiring women just like you, so that you can empower yourself and reach your full potential by experimenting and living as you were designed.

My vision for the future is for Soul Plan readings to become the norm,

and used regularly as a self-discovery resource

Even perhaps becoming as popular as getting your monthly manicure or beauty treatment done.