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” Astara is a beautiful gentle soul, full of wisdom and knowledge. When i found out that Astara had trained in Divine Healing Keys I was really grateful for the opportunity to experience a session with her.
It was a beautiful session, the 3 areas that came up during our session really meant something to me. The session really gave me peace of mind and comfort regarding a situation that I’m currently going through. Any blocks that needed to be cleared around it were cleared, I really trust and felt that the Healing had taken place. I’m looking forward to our next session!”

Jackie White

“Even though I don’t feel much during the sessions, the issues were right on topic. I also love how all the essences were right for me at that moment. Astara’s Divine Healing complements my other Lightbody works nicely. Thank you!”

Thinh Truong

” My son Matthew (aged 14) recently had a session with Astara, I was blown away by one of the past life programmes; Tuberculosis. Just one month ago Matthew saw a Homeopath, she mentioned that he needed to clear Tuberculosis from his body system first, in order for the remedy to work. The second dose of Tuberculosis remedy was due a day after he saw Astara. It is amazing that the Divine Healing Master Keys session cleared that. Synchronistically working alongside his homepath treatment. This really does clear on all levels! ”

Tania S Barker

“The Divine Healing session Astara gave to me around my Mother issues was really quite profound. It brought consciousness to some deep programming I had no awareness of and removed it so cleanly, it s actually hard to remember what the issue was in the first place. I just know I feel so much clearer. Even after 9 years of receiving this amazing healing work, I still get surprises and magical shifts like this happening”

Nicolas David Ngan, Spiritual Teacher